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Hello guys!
Thank you for visiting my site.
My name is Fatima Tsagolti, I am a stylist, art director and photographer.
By training, I am a fashion designer; since 2000, I have worked with international publishing houses, and renowned advertising agencies. I began to operate in the Russian market, where I started my career as a fshion stylist and set designer.
While working in such magazines as: ELLE, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, AD, Tatler, Shape and many others,
I have gained experience in creating visual contents.
I am also a professional photographer and a proficient user of Adobe Creative suite, combined with a thorough knowledge of social media platforms. This allow me to be an expert in photo production.
I show my work in this website, where every picture is fruit of my love for photography.

In this section you can find examples of product photos and a price list for services.
I will guide you through the options to make the perfect solution for your product.
Still life photography is a way to draw attention not only to your product, but also
to your brand. I will follow for you the process from idea development to shooting.
There is a lot of prep work to create an attractive fashion/portrait shoot. As a professional stylist, I will create
for you an original look for the shooting
Turn your photo into a piece of art by ordering a handmade collage!

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