Project Description

Timati project “Helicopter”.

Music video for the song “Helicopter” by Timati together with the production studio “Hype”.

Egor Krid “Nado li”. 

Music video for the song of Egor Krid “Nado li (Do I have to)”. Racing, doubts, choice – a team of professionals from production studio “Hype” and even more talented people!


20th FIFA World Cup FIFA 2014 will be held from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil. A video for the company VISA was made by producer Daria bridegroom, producer Eugene Bakeeva and myself.


Promotional video of spring-summer collection “O’stin”.

“Kleenex bus”. 

With refreshing wipes Kleenex freshness is always with you, even in such difficult conditions – as you can imagine we’ve made the interior of the subway 🙂